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Bobby Shepherd

The lead character in Vinyl Underground a bit of a 21st century occult version of the Mod Squad, is Morrison Shepherd, who believes himself to be the son of Bobby Shepherd, UK football sensation.The elder Shepherd is referred to only in flashbacks or photos, and the circumstances leading up to his marriage to a minor British actress (who remains unnamed in the series) is not elaborated. What is known is that Shepherd died in a car accident to which the media tried to find mob links.

Tommy McCardle was a friend of Morrison’s parents.He’s widely known to have been an enforcer for the Mitchells, the last of the true London gangsters. Throughout the series he tries to pry information about his mother from McCardle. Morrison goes to visit McCardle in the hospital as he recovers from an incident. He’s figured out that McCardle is really his biological father. What surprises Morrison is when McCardle tells him his father was gay and that his mother willingly married to become Shepherd’s cover(issue #12). Perhaps more of Shepherd’s story would’ve been dealt with if the series hadn’t been cancelled.

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May 28, 2020
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