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Bob Carter, The Lumberjack’s Boy Toy

“The Mystery Supergirl” by Otto Binder and Jim Mooney (Action #268 1960) is a good example of the kinds of adventures the Maid of Might had during the 1960s. The big angle at the time was Superman had ordered his younger cousin to keep her super powers a secret in case he needed rescuing from some big baddies. You can imagine the writers and Mooney resorted to all sorts of ways for Linda to use her powers and still remain unknown.

So, one summer Midvale Orphange’s headmistress announces to the children that the older kids will be allowed to have  temporary jobs to learn a trade and make some money. Linda somehow manages to become a cub reporter for the Daily Planet where Perry White gives her the assignment to write an essay on Superman’s five greatest feats. She gets up to all sorts of shenanigans when a Coast Guard officer comes in with photographic proof of a super powered woman wearing exactly the same costume.


While Linda begins to doubt her sanity in trying to solve this mystery, fresh faced, blond fellow orphan Bob Carter is having the time of his life hanging around manly men in a lumber camp. Once Bob turned 18 he got the hell out of Midvale and headed right back to the lumber camp where he was really popular.


Later on Bob moved to San Francisco and eventually met and fell in love with Ian, who is GGG to indulge Bob with his lumberjack fantasies. The couple had an intimate June wedding before Prop 8 became law.

August 17, 2011
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