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Blue Comet & Fusion: Titania Strikes!

Chayne Avery
Russell Garcia
$4.99 (32 pages) POD/IndyPlanet
$3.99 Ebook/Lulu
Review by Joe Palmer

When last we saw our boys Blue Comet and Fusion they were teasing us midway through an adventure that promised to pit them against Titania. This was a followup to Russell Garcia and Chayne Avery’s collected web comic Boy Meets Hero. The boys are back (all four of them!) to finish the adventure interruptus. There are teases a-plenty before delivering the climactic scene!

Actually, this issue is a double celebration. First off, it’s Derek’s and Justin’s first anniversary as a couple. They’re taking a walk after having a romantic dinner out to celebrate when , right on cue, they’re called to a mission. It’s the boys’ first official adventure together as WHO agents since Justin’s latent and formerly unknown power manifested after being captured by a giant robot and used as a pawn, and Justin is more than eager. That they’re going up a 50 foot tall giant named Titania with pheromone powers doesn’t dampen his spirit though he isn’t thrilled to learn that the equal opportunity crankypants Zap-Man will partner with them under Sunstar’s leadership. It’s up to the boys and Sunstar to stop Titania and the hetero heroes in her thrall from destroying WHO headquarters and Golden Bay City. Yes, the plot is boilerplate, and may I suggest something by Morrison or Bendis if you want obfuscation and decompression? There are still heroics and danger a-plenty and a couple surprises like Sunstar forcing herself to do something to turn the fight in their favor We also get a peek at another WHO agent who just may be lesbian since she falls under Titania’s spell. Derek and Justin’s first mission together ends well and so does their evening back in the bedroom. Just like it should.

Tone wise, Garcia and Avery maintain the sweet, sexy, playfulness of Derek and Justin, in and out of costumes and clothes, for that matter, as well as what I think is a Silver Age sensibility through a gay tinted filter. Cops and waiters and superheroes can be gay and all is still good with the world. Which is not to say that their fictional world isn’t without its haters (see Zap-Man and now Jet Scream, who gets a comeuppance) and issues, but they keep things upbeat by having the characters deal with any adversity in a relatively direct and angst free way. Team work and good ol’ fashioned effort will win the day.No brooding allowed here! Colors are bright and complement Avery’s art style. Kudos on the — ahem — packaging! Everything Garcia and Avery do comes together so well that the finished piece looks seamless. Simply put, I love Boy Meets Hero because Avery and Garcia’s enthusiasm and love for their work is clear on every page.

Where do you go from here to satisfy your curiosity? How about the Boy Meets Hero website! Or buy the Ebook version from Lulu or a print copy at IndyPlanet.

March 7, 2015
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