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bling01Contributed by Hope

Bling! is the mutant daughter of two famous rappers in the Marvel universe, but turned her back on the music world and enrolled in the Xavier academy when she was a teenager. She has purple rock hard skin similar to diamonds or crystal that she can shoot off as projectiles and have been revealed as extensions of her bone marrow (similar to mutants Marrow and Penance).

She was training on Gambit’s squad of X-men when Mystique, in the guise of a new student called Fox, arrived on the team to seduce Gambit. Bling! found herself very attracted to this new arrival, which ended when Mystique revealed her betrayal.

She was one of the few mutants to retain their powers after M-Day and is currently on the X-men’s island called Utopia. Recently she was taken captive by Emplate who was using her to produce an unlimited source of bone marrow that he could feed on. She was saved by Rogue.
Bling! currently appears in X-men: Legacy, and in the background of various X-books.

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