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Betty is a character in the Rat Queen fantasy series about a small band of mercenaries operating out of the town of Palisades. She grew up in a Hobbit community and its laid back attitudes became part of Betty’s life. She has wanderlust but is also very committed to the Rat Queens whom she also counts as friends. Candy and hallucenogenic mushrooms are both favorites of Betty’s. Her page In the Meet The Queens features mentions the “Betty” drink special made of tequila, vodka, and two magic mushrooms. When the Rat Queens are not on a quest, Betty serves as the unofficial bartender. Thievery is Betty’s expertise so of course she is the group’s defacto thief. Being a master thief also requires Betty to have keen observational and deductive skills. Don’t let her short stature fool you into thinking she isn’t a good fighter. She’s as skilled, and brave as her friends and maybe just a little fiercer when necessary.

Betty and Faeyri are in an on again off again relationship. Betty’s heart is broken when Faeyri tells her she’s basically ending the relationship because she won’t invite the drama that fellow Rat Queen Hannah brings, but Betty won’t let on around the rest of her friends. A few issues later and they’re happily back together after some off panel reconciliation and likely lots of makeup sex.

Betty is an alias. Her real name is Petunia Harvestchild and she is a former member of the Five Monkeys, a group which she says to Violet had been framed for doing something bad and later tells all the Rat Queens that the Five Monkeys had assaulted the Denvali king’s son.

Betty’s first appearance is in at Rat Queens #1. Faeyrie is first seen in #3. In the above image Betty is on the right.

Created by Kurtis J Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. All rights reserved Kurtis J Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. Published by Image.

July 1, 2021
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