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Be The Change

VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA – January 2017. Acclaimed singer-songwriter parents of two children living in Los Angeles, CA. have created an inspiring music video called ‘Be The Change’ to give hope and motivation to millions of Americans who are drowning in fear of the unknown since the election.

‘Be The Change’ was recorded by pop rock band Orbit Monkey, and was written by Joerg Kohring and Jess Niven-Kohring. The songwriters wanted to inspire a grassroots movement to reject hate and fear and stand up for love, respect and equality.

The video itself is confronting. Images of gun violence and hate crimes fold into the visuals of innocent children as they watch TV. Viewers witness the parallel between segregation in the 50s and violence and intolerance in the USA today. The continuing struggle for LGBT rights is intensified by the fear of the unknown in 2017. How is it that Fear, Hate and Division are left to run rampant in the United States in the twenty-first century? What are we teaching our children, and how are we protecting their future on this planet?

“Like millions of other Americans, we are devastated by last year’s U.S. election. We, the people, will now have to hold them accountable to be representatives of the diverse make-up of this country. It is on us to stay alert and aware, to seek the truth and speak up. It is my obligation, not only as an artist, but also as a German whose past was relived every day in school, to make sure we do everything in our power to fight the dangerous breeding grounds that have surfaced in the USA and elsewhere.”
– Joerg Kohring (Co-Writer of ‘Be The Change’)

The video’s world premiere will be on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Jan. 16) to honor him and all the other American heroes who have fought for equal rights. Audio from his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech has been incorporated into the video to help spread his message to a new generation. Martin Luther King, Jr. also said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” His words ring true now more than ever.

“Nothing matters more right now, and silence is not an option. We wrote this song because we HAD to do something. Otherwise, what will we tell our kids and grandchildren later when they ask us what we did to help?
– Jess Niven-Kohring (Co-Writer of ‘Be The Change’)

‘Be The Change’ is a family passion project. Niven-Kohring’s mother, actress and Human Rights advocate Barbara Niven (‘Chesapeake Shores’ & ‘Nesting Doll’), contributed to the video as Co-Editor and Producer.

“Before this election I was living in a Pollyanna bubble. I thought we were beyond these hateful chapters in our nation. How could I have been so blind and unaware? I apologize to my friends and neighbors who were fighting those battles alone. I am fully awake now and promise to stand beside you going forward. Millions of us are ready to be your voice!”
– Barbara Niven (Co-Editor & Producer of ‘Be The Change’)

The Producers hope people will take the #BeTheChange pledge and join the movement to create an America and a planet that offers hope, peace, love, unity and equality for all.

“We want to affect people. We want to Wake Up America. People are still numb and in shock, but the grieving period is over. It’s time to suit up to fight for our rights and for the rights of our children. Each of us must be the change.
– Sue Melke (Co-Editor & Producer of ‘Be The Change’)
How can you help? Starting Jan. 16, please Post, Share & Tweet this video on social media using #BeTheChange. Send it to friends, family, news sources and Influencers. Then get involved. Hold your politicians accountable or run for office yourself. Be aware, be a safe place, stand up to bullies, speak up for climate change, listen and learn from each other, and teach your children to be kind. And most importantly, never give up. We ARE stronger together.

January 16, 2017
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