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Batwing & Rhodney

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

A few years hence, in an alternate timeline, a group of mutants will emigrate from Earth to avoid persecution, eventually settling on a planet that they name Haven. Over a thousand years later, in the era of the heroic Guardians of the Galaxy, Batwing is one of less than a dozen Havenites whose ancestors retained mutant characteristics throughout the generations, and he as a lieutenant and the other mutants rule Haven with an iron fist under the leadership of Rancor, evil descendant of the X-Man Wolverine. Batwing in particular is known for his sadism in battle. His lover is fellow mutant Rhodney, a green-skinned man whose super-powers are unknown but who uses various advanced technology, such as a flying kinetic retro-blaster. Batwing is devastated when Rhodney is killed by Charlie-27 of the Guardians, and when Haven is destroyed by the Phoenix-Force, he and the rest of Rancor’s forces vow to seek vengeance. They clash with the Guardians on three other recorded occasions, and at last report they have imposed a savage dictatorship upon the Inhumans of Earth’s Moon.

Since the Guardians altered the history of their own timeline by preventing the Martian War of the Worlds, the precise status of all events following that war is unclear. However, the mutant migration occurred prior to the War, so Haven’s history may not have been affected. In any event, Batwing has not been seen since the cancellation of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Batwing (whose real name was unrevealed) can fly or at least glide thanks to the webbed wings extending from his back. He can discharge bio-electric blasts from his hands but must periodically recharge his energy for several minutes. His bases of operations include the planet Haven, Latveria, Earth’s moon and various others. Both Batwing and Rhodney are shown as gay and a couple in Guardians of the Galaxy #9 (1991).Batwing is not to be confused with the mutated child of the same name who appeared in Untold Tales of Spider-Man.

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