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Batman: “Now I Know I’m Home Again”

In this Silver Age story titled “The Batman Nobody Remembered” from World’s Finest #163 (Sept 1963) Batman is piloting the Bat-plane back through a terrible storm and is inexplicably tranported to a parallel Earth (and not Earth 2). Remember, even when there were explanations in Silver Age stories they rarely made sense. On this familiar yet very strange Earth, Batman didn’t exist, Bruce Wayne resembled CLark Kent with Superman as his alter ego, the Joker was a famous comedian, and Lois Lane had assumed Vicki Vale’s place. Also, there’s a giant bowl advertising “Joe’s Lobster for Fine Seafood” atop a restaurant that Superman uses as a prop to put out a fire and a giant roller skate. Just one because Batman only needs one to defeat the villain named Red Raven. Isn’t it sad hat trees have been for?

March 7, 2015
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