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Bargain Of The Day: Artifice

Hey! Do you like stories with gay characters? What about a gay romance with thriller elements in a sci fi setting? Do you like great prices? Check out Artifice, from Alex Woolfson and Winona Nelson! On sale today for the unbelievable price of 99 cents! True, it’s thee Kindle version. Don’t have a Kindle? Download the Kindle for your computer or tablet!

Here’s the book description from Amazon: Deacon, a prototype android soldier, was ordered by his corporate masters to eliminate a team of scientists who knew too much and he has failed spectacularly. Not only did he let one of his targets live — 19-year-old human outcast, Jeff Linnell — he attacked the team sent to retrieve him. Now the Corporation demands answers and they have employed the brilliant and ruthless robopsychologist Clarice Maven to get them.

Deacon seems desperate to conceal the shocking events that took place on Da Vinci 4, but what chance does he have fighting an adversary who can control his every move?



March 7, 2015
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