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Aunt Johnny

Johnny Woodall is a mortician for Underwood Mortuary located in a city named Manson in a comic titled Rachel Rising by Terry Moore. She is an older woman with a large frame and shortly cropped hair who remarks that she doesn’t spend enough time among the living, a comment she makes late one night when she thinks she’s hallucinating a conversation with her niece Rachel Beck, who without giving too much away, seems to have suffered some sort of trauma and her body is in a state between life and death. Johnny is the first person Rachel comes to see after the mysterious incident to help her sort out what happened. Johnny displays pragmatism and sympathy once she becomes convinced that Rachel is not a figment of her imagination. This outlook will come into play after Johnny sustains multiple injuries in a pivotal scene. In the first hours of her hospitalization, a conversation started by Rachel reveals that Johnny has been or is romantically involved with a woman named Carol, which Johnny thought she had kept secret from her niece.

There have been no further developments with Johnny as of issue #7.

Johnny is first seen in Rachel Rising #2 and confirmed to be lesbian in issue #7.

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March 7, 2015
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