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Augor is a dissident of the planet Dartayus in the Negative Zone. While on a walkabout in the outskirts of the city, he and a group of his peers were stalked and attacked by the demon-like outcast Kologoth. Kologoth sensed something different about Augor and spared his life. The two grew close and eventually became lovers, and Augor was the one to give Kologoth his name.

Augor reintroduced Kologoth to Dartayan society and to his political cause to overthrow the government. Kologoth became a revolutionary leader of the Dartayus Union, with Augor serving as his second in command. Augor continued to lead the Union in their cause after Kologoth was captured by the government and exiled to Earth. Once Kologoth was able to send a message to Augor and let him know where he was, Augor lead a rescue mission to Earth to reunite with his lover.

Once back on Dartayus, Kologoth went through with his plan to awaken the deity Scythian from his slumber. Augor was unaware of the ancient texts that Kologoth had studied revealing Scythian to be a destructive and remorseless god, and that Kologoth intended to use Scythian as a tool of vengeance against the society that he felt had wronged him.

Horrified by Kologoth’s true intentions, and regretful in his part in unleashing the monster, Augor helped the X-Men to learn more about Scythian to find a way to defeat him after Kologoth’s apparent death.

Augor first appeared in X-Men Gold #12 (2017) by Marc Guggenheim and Luke Ross.

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