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Attractive Lad

attractivelad03Contributed by Ronald Byrd

A professional dancer in Los Angeles, Aundray (whose last name is never mentioned) is a neighbor of actor/Avenger Simon Williams, a.k.a. Wonder Man, during the period when the latter operated out of L.A. When Wonder Man’s powers fluctuate out of control, he inadvertently exposes eight of his friends, including Aundray, to ionic energy which results in them developing their own super-powers; in Aundray’s case, he develops control over magnetism. When Wonder Man temporarily abandons Los Angeles, Aundray and the others try to fill the gap as the Crazy 8, with Aundray using the alias Attractive Lad (a name rather reminiscent of some members of DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes; his teammates are Visionary, Stat, Snap, the Auteur, Glamour Girl, Buff, and Dreamer) but most of the eight later return the energy to Wonder Man at the cost of their own super-powers. When last heard from, Aundray is running his own dance studio and seems content to have left his brief super-hero stint behind him.

Although Aundray has a rather flamboyant hairstyle and personality, at times affecting a somewhat stereotypically “camp” speech pattern, as a minor supporting character his sexual orientation is never really specified one way or the other. However, when retired actress Glamour Girl considers using the code-name “Screen Queen,” he notes that the name “sounds like some of my old flames.”

Attractive Lad briefly possessed the ability to project a magnetic field that enabled him to attract and repel metallic objects; he could, for example, form a magnetic force-field around himself to repel bullets. He was also able to magnetically levitate himself by focusing upon metal on a rooftop and reversing his focus, attracting himself to the metal instead of vice versa.

This character was arguably outed in Wonder Man #18

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May 28, 2020
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