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Artist Wanted!!

The Gay League is looking for an artist willing to provide an image for the Gay League site for various uses.

We are willing to pay something for it, but to be honest….it’s not going to be much — at least at first. Additional pay could be given if the image helps in any way to generate revenue for the site (see below).

This site is FREE for members to join, but it’s absolutely not free to run it. There are a lot of costs that go into maintaining it, and we end up paying out of pocket each month to keep it going. We really don’t like it when people ask for free or low-paid work (we hate it when people ask it of US), but this site is a passion project for all of those involved (all the work that went into the redesign was a month of free work, and everyone that’s contributed so far have done it for the love of the site), so an image provided for this site would have to be due to the passion of the artist too.

The image that we are looking for is maybe around 5-7 LGBT comics fans of various races/genders/body types. It would be used as one of the main images of the site, and potentially for any further promotion. The image may also be used in possible merchandise (mugs, T-shirts) which would then be sold for the sole purpose of funding the continual upkeep of the site, and for getting any incentives for contributors.

If any revenue is made beyond that, an agreement will be made for additional pay towards the artist. So for now, the benefits for contributing an image are:

  • Some small, token initial payment (to be negotiated).
  • Exposure on the Gay League website, and promotion with full credit for the artist whenever possible.
  • An interview piece on the artist to be published on Gay League’s site.
  • Potential for additional revenue if any merchandise using the image actually gets sold (which is all dependent on the quality of said image, and if people end up wanting to buy things that feature it!).

If you’re an artist, and this sounds like something you’d like to possibly do for the Gay League site, please contact us and let us know, and submit any examples of your work (or URL’s where your work can be seen). We are looking for a professional-looking image that’s emblematic of contemporary LGBT fandom and shows a sense of pride, a touch of humor or wit, equality and acceptance (whether inside or outside the LGBT community).

(NOTE: ALL art styles will be considered for this main Gay League image. However, we reserve the right to turn down any offers if we feel the art may not be entirely suited for its intended purpose. We are looking for an image that will ultimately be successful for the website in the long term, as well as for the artist her/him/theirself).
May 27, 2020
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