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Artist Joe Phillips Asking For Heroes

The name Joe Phillips recalls illustrations of sexy young men frolicking in nature — known as Joe Boys — or his bare chested superheroes or his sensuous Divine Diversity Tarot deck. Phillips’ art career began 35 years ago on the Southern Knights superhero comic then moving on to the US licensed Speed Racer comic and DCs Mister Miracle.

If you’ve followed Joe Phillips on Facebook you’re aware that he’s been dealing with diabetes related health complications, most recently starting dialysis for his kidneys. Phillips’ three times weekly dialysis treatments last five hours and as you can imagine have adversely affected his time and ability to support himself in the short term while working on plans for the long term.

Phillips has turned to crowdfunding to ask for help with his rent, food, and monthly bills. Please visit Phillips’ GoFundMe if you have a few dollars to spare or to share it on your social media.

Thank you for your consideration!

February 24, 2023
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