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Arrow 2.1 Recap

Diggle and Thea guilt Oliver into ending his break from reality island paradise vacay and returning to pick up the pieces of a shattered Starling City. But not before Felicity throws up. Obligatory shirtless scene for Oliver! Copycat vigilantes with a special hate are terrorizing the city. So long, Mayor! Your part was only walk on anyway. Oliver looks totes adorbs when he pouts. Diggle looks hot in a suit. Felicity gets a little fierce! Thea is angry, horny, AND responsible. Roy is still a hottie and still horny after Thea cut him off. Momma Queen shows a little depth. Orange is so not her new black but what can she do? Somebody nicely fills out a police uniform! Pouty lips from Oliver show resolution! Summer Glau glares. Flashbacks continue and I may be slightly irritated by them. Tommy is mourned! Dinah kicks butt! Will they or won’t they ever get back together? Yay for Oliver in costume! Hello! Who’s that at the end? Did I mention Summer Glau? She’ll be back!

March 7, 2015
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