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We first see Arnie, Zatanna’s manager, discussing matters with Zatanna about her stage act and tour in a Las Vegas nightclub dressing room. Four male assistants dressed a la Chippendales appear on stage with her. In a following scene, a mostly naked Arnie is shown making a phone call to Zatanna from his hotel room to remind her she’ll be late for her Denver performance. Lying on the bed behind Arnie is another naked man, one of Zatanna’s stage assistants whom we learn is named Andre. Arnie’s last appearance is on the story’s final page with him and an upbeat Zatanna talking.

Arnie’s only appearance is in the Zatanna Everyday Magic one shot published by DC/Vertigo in 2003. Created by Paul Dini and Rick Mays.

All rights reserved DC Comics. Used without permission.

July 1, 2021
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