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Anonymous Fashion Guys

This pair of men appear for all of six panels in the truly strange and fun story in Inferior Five #8 written by E. Nelson Bridwell and published in the spring of 1968. The plot in a nutshell is the streets of Megalopolis are threatened by an ever rising pile of junk. Among the disrupted businesses towering higher and higher into the sky is Herman’s Diner, run by Herman Cramer, the alter ego of the Blimp. Cramer frantically calls the rest of the Inferior Five to enlist their help.

Inexplicable hijinks ensue as the merry misfits climb bounding heap of garbage. They encounter these women’s clothing boutique owners whose fashion show is disrupted because their models haven’t shown, thanks to the pesky situation. Dumb Bunny is totally distracted by the clothing and the desperate pair dress Bunny up in their haute couture version of Mammy Yokum’s clothes.

I suppose one can argue that these men aren’t gay (just flamboyant) and were just an off hand bit of social commentary on changing trends of the 1960s. They don’t necessarily stand out from the other visual eccentricities of the Inferior Five or the story’s other background characters. Then again, I don’t know of another Silver Age comic with men wearing frilly sleeved shirts, bell bottom slacks making mincing hand gestures while dancing around and calling each other “crazy cute” after giddily dressing a woman up in a ridiculous outfit.

Art by Win Mortimer.

All rights reserved DC Comics. Used without permission.

December 9, 2022
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