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By Eric N.

Born and raised in small-town America, Victor Borkowski is a sixteen year old mutant who grew up despite his mutation and appearance. The neighborhood he grew up in a small community that accepted him for who he was until Anti-mutant feelings spread and threatened his safety, as a result Victor was sent off to Xavier’s school where he quickly excelled academically and made close friends with Northstar who subsequently helped him come to terms with his sexuality.

When advisors were being assigned, Victor at first chose Karma but was reassigned to Northstar where he was friendly towards Julian Keller of the Hellions but now seems closer towards his own teammates. When news spread of Northstar’s demise Victor was deeply affected. At the time he as well as the rest of the New Mutants were unaware of Northstar’s resurrection via the Hand.

It is unknown if he has chosen to come out to the rest of the school. Victor’s chosen foreign language is French.

In the wake of the House Of M more than 90% of the mutant population lost their mutant powers, however, Anole was spared and his team Alpha Squadron along with the Hellions and New Mutants were all merged into one team.

Shortly after that Emma Frost called for an all out brawl to decide who would lead this new mutant group, though Anole was not selected and still remains at the Institute to further his training.

Anole’s reptilian mutation grants, green skin, a spiked carapace instead of hair, enhanced agility and a prehensile tongue. A chameleon like ability allows him to blend with his surroundings to become nearly invisible, though he seemingly has trouble controlling his powers if too emotionally unstable.

Anole’s first appearance is New Mutants #2, vol 2.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment. Used without permission.

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