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Andy Jones

Andy Jones is a lesbian stand up comedian created by Peter David for Supergirl’s supporting cast. Andy’s alter ego is the human-equine hybrid Comet. PAD decided to tease both Supergirl and the readers by having Andy Jones in both her human guise and as Comet flirt with Supergirl. It was revealed in one issue that Andy and Cutter were formerly married.

Supergirl/Linda and Andy/Comet are two of three earth born angels, composite characters, both created when a hero selflessly merged with a another person to save them, and the two became one. So, Supergirl and Linda merged to become one person. Same with Comet. Comet, a male, merged with Andy to save her life, so she’s lesbian with a male superhero identity.

Even before they find out each other’s full identities, Andy has expressed her attraction to Linda, and Comet and Supergirl have shared one amazing kiss… then the fun starts…

Two particular issues of note are #26 (Oct. ’98) and #39 (Dec. ’99). With the ending of # 25 and continuing into #26, they find out each other’s full identity. Andy thinks it’s a hoot, since she’s had the hots for both Linda and Supergirl. Linda/Supergirl doesn’t find Andy romantically attractive. Then, Andy transforms into Comet (complete with a shy/handsome grin, broad shoulders & long, yummy silver hair) and suggests they go somewhere more “intimate” to continue the conversation, and Linda/Supergirl thinks to herself, “He’s making my tingly. Stop it!” Linda and Andy were already friends, and Linda’s comfort with Andy isn’t an issue. She gets a little squirmy when Andy flirts with her, but Linda/Supergirl is caught much more off-guard by the fact the guy she’s into isn’t always a guy. Also not judgemental, just caught off-guard and a little confused by it.

In issue #39 : A horrible, train wreck of emotional devastation, and you want to turn away, but you can’t stop reading. Comet/Andy has been captured, and in trying to break Andy, her tormentor is making her re-live coming out to her parents, which is a heartbreak and a horror. Her tormentor then taunts Andy with images of Supergirl on the TV, and seeing Andy reaching out to touch Supergirl’s face on the screen is just utter heartbreak.

Things don’t get much better for Andy from there. Andy/Comet was recently captured by Blithe, the third earth born angel who is in the service of The Carnivore. Blithe beats her badly, and The Carnivore brainwashes her to turn against Supergirl. Supergirl attempts to rescue Andy from The Carnivore, but fails. Blithe is hurt badly and hospitalized, Andy remains in his control, and Supergirl is on the brink of falling spiritually into his trap. Just exactly what The Carnivore will do with all three earth born angels in his control and the fate of Andy (and her relationship with Supergirl) remains to be seen.

Andy Jones was confirmed as to be a lesbian in Supergirl #26.  © by ® DC Comics. Used without permission.

June 1, 2020
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