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Aluwyn is an immortal demon sorceress who resides in another dimension. Her title is the Saga Vasuki and she has a reputation as a trickster who thrives on chaos.

Willow first encountered her during an astral quest for spiritual enlightenment that she undertook sometime following the destruction of Sunnydale. Aluwyn and her allies interfered with Willow’s quest, diverting her for their own purposes. Willow saw through the deception and the Goddesses dismissed Aluwyn back to her realm. However, Willow still chose Aluwyn to be her guide, saying that for truth she chose the trickster. Willow believed that Aluwyn was what she needed at that time, and that despite her trickery she would lead Willow to truth but make her work for it.

Aluwyn became Willow’s guide, mentor and teacher and helped Willow to greatly expand her magical powers. This relationship eventually grew beyond just a teacher-student relationship, and took on a sexual and romantic aspect. Their relationship was originally only brief due to them residing in separate dimensions, and Willow already being involved in a relationship with Kennedy.

The two were reunited after all magic on Earth was lost after the magical Seed was destroyed. Willow began a journey into other dimensions to try and find a new source of magic to bring back to Earth. Aluwyn had already tried and failed to find a way back to Earth, so when she detected Willow’s divination spell she altered it to lead Willow to her and a new Super-Coven she had formed of inter-dimensional witches. Aluwyn and Willow–who had ended her relationship with Kennedy–resumed their romance, and Aluwyn attempted to distract Willow off her quest and convince her to stay with her. Willow eventually realized Aluwyn’s trick and Aluwyn accepted that Willow had to go continue her quest. Aluwyn promised to be there for her as a guide or whatever else she needed.

The two resumed their long-distance, cross-dimensional relationship after Willow returned to Earth and restored magic, but as Willow continued to grow and evolve as a person she found herself growing apart from Aluwyn, who as an immortal does not grow or change. Willow tried to end their relationship on good terms, but Aluwyn was infuriated by the rejection and warned Willow that she had better hope they never cross paths again!

Aluwyn possesses superhuman strength and can also fly. It is unclear if flight is a natural ability for her species or if it is something accomplished through her magic. She is a powerful sorceress and magic grants her a wide range of abilities, including visions, trans-dimensional travel, energy projection, illusions, etc.

Willow was not the only student of the Saga Vasuki. The Japanese vampire witch Kumiko Ishihara was also a student of hers and recognized Aluwyn’s teachings in Willow’s spellcraft when they fought each other.

Aluwyn’s first appearance was in Buffy Season 8 issue #10. Her first encounter with Willow was shown in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Willow one-shot (2009).

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