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Ramone Watts is the current girlfriend of superhero America Chavez, and has recently become a superhero herself.

Ramone and her brother Johnny are the children of a former member of the elite warrior women Dora Milaje, who left Wakanda under unrevealed circumstances. When their mother died, she left them various Wakandan items including some Vibranium artifacts. Johnny developed the power to mimic any material he touched, and began wearing most of the Vibranium jewelry. When Ramone tried touching the ring left for her, it started bonding to her in a different way, and she felt powerful coursing through her body in a painful way that she couldn’t control. Terrified of what would happen to her, she let the ring go and returned to normal.

Ramone owns and operates a surf shop in Venice, California, and met superhero Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) when Kate opened her private investigations office next door to Ramone’s shop. She and Johnny got involved when one of Kate’s cases involved the disappearance of Ramone’s ex-girlfriend Mikka, and Ramone and Kate soon became close friends. When her brother revealed to Kate that he had superpowers and joined her new West Coast Avengers team as Fuse, Ramone was both proud and also worried for his safety.

Ramone met America Chavez when Ramone put her own life at risk in order to evacuate civilians from a building that was damaged during one of the West Coast Avengers’ battles. Chavez saved Ramone’s life from falling debris and the two shared an immediate attraction and soon began dating.

When the majority of the WCA team, including her brother, her girlfriend and her best friend, was captured by a clan of vampires, Ramone decided she had to confront her fears and put on the Vibranium ring again in order to join the rescue mission. The Vibranium bonded with her skin, leaving her permanently covered in a Vibranium armour plating which she can reshape into other forms at will. She has used it to generate swords, shields, and even wings which allow her to fly. She once had the armour form itself into a dozen long spikes to spear multiple assailants at once.

Now using the code name of “Alloy” Ramone has joined the West Coast Avengers.

[Editor note: Ramone appears in America Chavez: Made in the USA #1 and they’re still a couple.]

Ramone first appeared in Hawkeye (2017) #1 by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero. She became Alloy in West Coast Avengers (2018) #9 by Kelly Thompson and Gang Hyuk Lim.

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