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Adorned By Chi In Development


New York Comic Con to Serve as Fan-Launch for Jacque Aye’s and MWM Universe Partnership

LOS ANGELES – September 19, 2019 – Dallas-based entrepreneur Jacque Aye, creator of “Adorned by Chi,” the anime and manga inspired Nigerian Magical Girl franchise/universe, has signed with MWM and its MWM Universe division, Morgan Kruger & Diana Williams of MWMu announced today. Aye’s “Adorned by Chi,” tells the tale of Adaeze, a painfully shy college student who discovers she has Goddess-like powers and must, reluctantly, lead a team of young warriors to defeat an apocalyptic monster that threatens to destroy humanity and save the world. MWM Universe and Aye are developing the story across multiple platforms including animation, comic book/literary, merchandise and film/tv.

“Adorned by Chi” is inspired by the Japanese Magical Girl genre and series like “Revolutionary Girl Utena,” “Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” and “Sailor Moon.” The story also takes inspiration from elements of Igbo culture & lore, including Goddesses like Ala, Uhamiri and more.

“Jacque Aye’s fresh and nerdy approach to expanding Manga and celebrating diversity is more important than ever,” said Kruger, EVP of Operations & Williams, EVP of Creative at MWMu. “Her ability to weave a story and characters that resonate with both women and men in the shifting Anime genre is impressive. As one of the top e-commerce entrepreneurs in creative, she understands how stories need multiple touchpoints with today’s audiences and how young women – especially those of color – need to see themselves reflected in the genre in empowering ways.”

Aye quote, “I set out to create ‘Adorned by Chi’ because I wanted to see myself, a young Nigerian-American woman, reflected in the genre I and many others enjoyed so much growing up. It’s been a joy crafting this world and I look forward to expanding my vision with the help of MWM in not only the current merchandise but animation, comics and more!”

Aye will be appearing at New York Comic Con on October 5th. Be sure to follow @AdornedByChi for updates on when and where. Enter the world of Adorned by Chi by grabbing free pdf manga, merchandise and more:

About “Adorned by Chi”:
“Adorned by Chi” is a story about Adaeze Adichie, a young, painfully shy Nigerian college student who has goddess-like powers and must reluctantly lead a tribe of young warriors to defeat an apocalyptic monster that threatens to destroy humanity. Inspired by the Japanese magical girl genre, the story takes place in the fictional city of Udobo in Nigeria. The painfully shy heroine leads her college group of friends – Adaeze Adichie, twin sisters Gogo Okafor and Kelechi Okafor, Kaira Okoye, and Emeka Ukata (male) – as they discover their own magical skills – both Black Girl and Black Boy magic – amidst the challenges of school, love, career and family.  The series is created by Jacque Aye for Chigami Studios.

About MWM Universe:
MWM Universe is the IP-focused division of MWM that acquires and enhances intellectual property by building out franchisable story worlds across film, TV, gaming, comics, books and beyond. EVP of Operations Morgan Kruger and EVP of Creative Diana Williams oversee the division which has launched fan-favorite podcast “Voyage to the Stars” and the world of ”Flyboy”. Additionally, the Universe division acts as a strategic partner to MWM investment companies such as story-and-play studio Wonderstorm.

About MWM:
MWM is a diversified media and entertainment company founded by Award-winning producer, Gigi Pritzker in partnership with Clint Kisker, that empowers creators to produce storytelling across film, TV, interactive content, podcasts, comics and live theater. Named one of Fast Company’s Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Hollywood, MWM consists of four individually branded operating divisions: MWM Studios, MWM Immersive, MWM Live, and MWM Universe.

September 20, 2019
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