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Action Figures With Ale!

Like 99.99% of LGBTQ+ people, I had a difficult childhood. I consider myself one of the lucky ones, though, because I had comics and toys to escape reality. I was even luckier because I had Barbie and Ken dolls, She-Ra and a lot of toys that were considered “for girls only” at the time. Even nowadays, every time I buy a Wonder Woman merchandise, I get that wonderful feeling of challenging the patriarchy and bigotry of the world.

Those times when I was lost in my fantasies were happy ones, but, looking back, all representation I got came exclusively from my mind. My Ken dolls dated each other, my He-Man saved poor Bow in distress, but the heroes were only gay because I made them so.

There came a time when all that was not enough. I wanted more. Queer baiting, subtext, metaphors just didn´t do it anymore. And I’m not the only one that thinks this way. I won´t go too far and say that there is already a market for gay superheroes and gay action figures, but interest is growing. LGBTQ+ characters are popping almost everywhere and some of them are even getting action figures, busts, statues and all kinds of merchandise. I believe Batwoman has been the most successful at that so far with Iceman being a special case, because he has been in the closet for more than 40 years. Most of his merchandise was supposed to be of a straight character!

Maybe someday I will get the iconic gay superhero I so crave for, with an enormous amount of merchandise following him. Maybe they will came from DC Comics, maybe they will come from Marvel, maybe they will come from an independent source. I don´t know. But what I know is: things are getting better and I’m sure they will get even better.

So far we have small number of LGBTQ+ merchandise available but we need to cherish them. As someone with a Virgo ascendant, I am queen, sorry, keen to organizing and cataloging. I actually have fun doing that. So, why not cataloging LGBTQ+ action figures? It might help people who are interested in buying them and it’s a great (Virgo) way of celebrating.

We are starting small but our list will eventually grow. I will always try to bring something new every time I have a break from work, from being a husband and a parent (Oh, God!). All picture will be either official from the toy companies, taken by me or given as contribution.

I make no secret of the love I have for DC Comics and that’s why I think it’s good to start with them. Because this is all about love. Love for the characters, love for the smell of plastic, love for the colors of the paint, love for the poses the articulation provides and love for the sight all these little people create in our shelves.

I hope you enjoy this and these action figures as much as I do.

–  Alexandre Louzada

Look for more action figures from Ale including Marvel and a lot of Batwoman!

These above are from DC Collectibles. Each is 6.75 inches.

Green Lantern (Alan Scott) is from the Earth 2 series (2014).

Batwoman is part of the DC Comics Bombshells line (2017). 

Two versions of Constantine. The first from New 52 Justice League Dark (2014) and the second is from DCTV Arrow line (2017).

Ozymandias is from the Doomsday Clock series (2018).

The above set are from DC Direct. Jericho is from the New Teen Titans series (2008), 6 inches.

Batwoman is from the 52 series (2007) , 6.75 inches.

Ozymandias was released from the Watchmen series (2009), 6.75 inches.

Constantine is from Mystics, Mages & Magicians (2000). 6 inches.

Apollo and Midnighter are from the Authority series (1998), 6 inches.

Aqualad is from Mattel’s Young Justice series (2012). 6 inches.

Batwoman is from Mattel’s  DC Multiverse line (2018). 6 inches.

Obsidian from Mattel’s DC Universe Classics wave 14 (2010). 6 inches.

Also both from Mattel: Constantine from DC Universe Classics – Club IE. 6 inches.

Catman is part of the  DC Universe Classics – Batman Legacy 2 line (2011). 6 inches.

Ozymandias is from Mattel’s Watchmen set (2013). 6 inches.

June 15, 2018
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