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A Retrofuturistic Journey Into Mystery!

GALAXY OF MADNESS from Visaggio, Oeming Drops On Patreon

NEW YORK, NY – Magdalene Visaggio (KIM & KIM, VAGRANT QUEEN) and Michael Avon Oeming (POWERS, DICK TRACY) are teaming up for a twelve-issue sci-fi miniseries to be released exclusively to subscribers over Patreon. It is the first collaboration between these two critically-acclaimed creators, as well as their first fully-independent release. 

GALAXY OF MADNESS, a bright, fun, and existential retrofuturistic adventure set two-thousand years in the future, follows a young space archaeologist named VIGIL VIRGO on a quest to vindicate the discredited theories her parents vanished trying to prove. Her quest will take her to strange new worlds, plunge her deep into the heart of the universe’s greatest secret, and force a confrontation with her mentor and surrogate father, ODYSSEUS REX. 

The team, which also includes colorist Taki Soma and editor Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, decided on this unique release format in the midst of the pandemic’s effect on publishing schedules. 

*Releasing the book digitally also creates new opportunities, including new ways for readers to support it. “We’re experimenting with a radical new idea: making weird and ‘non-commercial’ books like GALAXY OF MADNESS viable by offering them directly to readers,” Oeming commented. “Comics has always been a community-driven medium, and we’re confident that this project will grow the kind of community and audience it needs to continue.” Each monthly issue will be available to all subscribers, with digital content exclusives, for just $5.00 a month.


Preview pages

“A glorious madhouse of a comic.”


“What if Mags Visaggio wrote the Legion of Super-Heroes? This is really fun.
Issue two, please! NOW!”


Concept, characters, design all ROCK BIG TIME!  From what we’ve seen so far, this is pure cosmic comic book magic!”


September 28, 2021
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