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A Fortnight Of LGBT Characters In Bed (Or Not)

Marjorie Liu wrote a scene of Northstar and Kyle in bed with some really good dialog. Yes, Northstar and Kyle in bed! Take that, One Million Moms! Honestly, the scene amazed and brought a smile to my face! Northstar who for the longest time seemed like a celibate turd and then ridiculously hung up by Chuck Austen’s asinine decision to write him with unrequited love for Bobby Drake.

Wonder Girl went nuts when something called her “silent armor” possessed her and she knocked the snot out of Bunker. Yeah, “silent armor”. I know. Kid Flash whisked Bunker away to some cut rate motel off the Jersey Turnpike where Bart and Solstice watched over him as he recuperated…in bed, but presumably alone since Bart seems to have the hots for Solstice because everyone deserves to be loved. But Bart can do any number of things at super speed so….right, only in my head. Meanwhile in the rest of Teen Titans #12, Wonder Girl is confronted by her ex-boyfriend Diesel who has his own “silent armor” and isn’t very happy about being dumped. What was Golden Age Etta Candy’s catch phrase? “Woo Woo!!” Lobdell recently titillated (or tried) readers by revealing that Bunker’s boyfriend out of his coma would be introduced in September’s zero issue. Woo Woo!

Hartley Rathaway decides to become the Piper and goes on patrol in Flash #12. Putting on his costume again has led to arguments between Hartley and boyfriend David Singh so they probably won’t be seen in bed together for at least a little while though I’d like to see a pouting David.

Kate and Maggie are having a lovers quarrel too in Batwoman #12. She doesn’t (yet) know that Kate is running around Gotham at night as Batwoman or one hell of an argument would erupt between them. Still, Maggie isn’t stupid and Kate is only human so the secret will come out soon enough. Kate won’t be in Maggie’s bed till she tells the truth or at least a very convincing lie. Thank god Maggie doesn’t chomp cigars like she did way back when John Byrne created her.

Clay Walker, Kevin Keller’s husband in the future set Life With Archie, stops an armed robbery and gets shot in the effort in the lead story for issue #22. Archie Comics amazed people (except for certain demos for which it created aneurysms) by introducing and embracing a gay character. What are the odds that Kevin and Clay will ever be shown in bed?

Stormwatch guest stars in I, Vampire #12 because of the vampire/ zompire kill fest in which Andrew Bennett is involved. Apollo discovers that he’s immune to vampire bites. Alas, no time for bed room stuff.  And why is Andrew running around fully dressed when Mary’s wardrobe is body paint?

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