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A Few Words On Dynamite Entertainment

Recent developments on Twitter involving Dynamite Comics and C*m*csg*te are to say the least unfortunate. On July 16th Dynamite retweeted a tweet from an individual associated with the movement about his comics crowdfunder. The following day Dynamite again retweeted a crowdfunding tweet from a second individual who was at one time and may still be associated. These two endorsements were preceded by a variant cover here and there drawn by one of C*m*csg*te most vocal proponents. This is especially troubling in light that C*m*csg*te people, including the person from July 16th, and their followers have harassed and ridiculed LGBTQA and women creators over the past several years.

Gay League does not condone Dynamite’s endorsement of these crowdfunded projects and will not cover any of the publishers titles or promote in any fashion unless and until CEO and Publisher Nick Barucci publicly and unequivocably denounces C*m*csg*te and apologizes for all involvement on personal and professional levels and demonstrates such a statement is not merely lip service.

To be clear, Gay League has published reviews of just two Dynamite collections. Dynamite series coming from LGBTQA and ally creators have been included in our monthly Previews compilations. To have done so while harassment occurred was a problematic decision on our part. That will no longer happen. We acknowledge this decision sounds like so much chest pounding since it will have little if any impact on the publisher.

We are aware that several creators who either belong to or are allies of the LGBTQ community have recently worked or have work being published by Dynamite and they are in an uncomfortable position. While we do not wish them ill, we hope these individuals will find assignments from other publishers.

In recent years DC has had several joint projects with Dynamite. Gay League calls on DC to stop this practice in the future and end any negotiations of projects which may be in discussion at this time.

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July 18, 2020
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