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A Boy’s Own Story Exclusive Ten Page Excerpt!

Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie defined the American zeitgeist of yesteryear but for closeted queer people the reality of lived experiences in the 1950s and early 1960s was more often than not unsettling if not terrifying than anything so comforting as the slogan proclaimed. First published in 1982, A Boy’s Own Story by Edmund White is the first in a trilogy of semi-autobiographical novels which recounts the story of a young gay man coming of age during that thinly veneered Golden Age period when LGBTQA people lived with the very real prospects of their lives being ruined simply for being themselves.

White’s novel was recently adapted into a graphic novel by witers Michael Carroll and Brian Allesandro and painter/ illustrator Igor Karash. The trio recently gave an interview with Gay League which you can read here.

Thanks to publisher Top Shelf Productions, Gay League is both pleased and proud to share an exclusive ten page excerpt from the graphic novel! We hope you’ll enjoy the pages as well as the sneak peek we shared in early November.

A Boy’s Own Story is in comic shops and bookstores on now. You may order a copy from Bookshop or Indiebound or, if all else fails, Amazon.

January 13, 2023
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