Gay League traces its origins back to a period in 1997 when a few men began posting in the original DC message boards. If it wasn't the individual user name, sometimes a variation on "queen", it was the style and content of the messages that let others know that some comics geeks were gay. In the long ago days of dial up access, bandwidth and storage wasn't what it is today. Many of the Queen Team's posts, that's how they started calling themselves, were deleted by the forums moderator sometimes considered at least over zealous if not biased for being off topic while other off topic posts remained in place. At times other posters tried to stake claim to the forums and make them unwelcoming to openly gay fans. Wait, that happens today!

Silver linings out of rain clouds and all that because those factors led to the idea to use email to talk about comics from a gay perspective. You could say our agenda was to recruit because the original tight knit group continued to grow as a listserv and at the same time with an eye on creating a home on the Internet. Today Gayleague also has an active Facebook community of both LGBT fans and allies.

Now that you have an idea of Gayleague's place in gay comics fandom continuity, let me "take you to the good stuff!"

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